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FMA Member Insurance Marketplace for Employer Groups Now Open

FMA Member Insurance Marketplace for Employer Groups (now open)

Just as every employee is unique, so are their benefit needs. Employers, with 5 or more enrolled employees, now have a way to address the different requirements of each employee, while also managing the company’s bottom line. That means cost control and predictability for the employer, and greater involvement and choice for the employee. The availability of the exchange is timely as many employers are experiencing significant rate increases on their group plan renewals due to health care reform.

Once agreeing to setup their private exchange account, employers choose the benefit plan options to make available, set up a defined contribution strategy, and allow employees to log-in and shop for their own benefits. Employees receive enrollment assistance from leading edge decision support technology through the exchange as well as through the assistance of live Benefits Counselors.

Employers can now inquire and receive a:

  • Analysis of cost and benefit of the exchange health plans to their existing group health plan, if one exists.
  • Live demonstration of the private exchange portal.
  • Proposal including all costs and benefits included with private exchange.

Employers can call 1-800-282-8626 or visit the employer group page.