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WEBINAR REPLAY: What to Look For When Purchasing Dental & Vision Insurance

Dental and Vision problems can be expensive and can affect your overall health.

Routine dental and vision care are essential to preventing, and detecting, larger health problems. That’s where dental and vision insurance come into play.

These affordable plans cover routine care that can help you ward off medical disorders. They can also protect your wallet when the need for corrective procedures do arise.

Many dental plans can save you up to 100% of the costs for routine care and up to 80% of costs for certain procedures — but that’s not all.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of routine dental care on your overall health
  • How routine eye exams help detect vision-related learning problems
  • Out of pocket costs of common dental and vision procedures
  • How dental and vision insurance affects your budget
  • What features to look for when buying a dental or vision insurance plan